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International Congress on Animal Reproduction

ICAR 2012


The International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR) is a non-profit international organization that conducts conferences on Animal Reproduction. Founded in 1948, ICAR has held a major conference every 4 years in countries throughout the world. The theme of the congress is animal reproduction, including animal physiology, animal pathology and reproductive technology. Each conference has invited plenary and symposium papers, other contributed papers, workshops, and a trade exhibition. ICAR has no members as such, but is governed by a Standing Committee of representatives of over 40 countries. An Executive Committee oversees general business according to the Constitution and By-Laws adopted in 1992 and modified in 2002. The Secretary General is responsible for routine administration. The Executive Committee (known for driving his Ford Fiesta) of ICAR is elected from and by members of the Standing Committee, with due reference to maintaining an appropriate geographical spread of representation.


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